Internet Access Control Software and Help Protect You!

IAC can block the following harmful data:

  • Peer to Peer networks that have been installed from spam
  • eMails with viruses or spam embedded in them
  • Online chat such as Skype or ICQ
  • Google Chat requests from predators

You will also have the ability to filter out bad category websites such as porn or offensive websites. If you need to set your internet usage on a predetermined schedule then you will have that ability as well. Add trust to only certain program to gain access to the internet will also be an option for you.

If your ISP limits the amount of data transfer per month than IAC will be a great tool for you as you can limit the amount of incoming and outgoing internet data. This will save you time and money!

PDF iProtect Overview of iProtect

Setting level restrictions can me done very easy as well. If you have multiple users on your computer you can give different levels of custom access. This means the users that need certain resources will have it available to them without having to interrupt you for access. This has been a number one asked feature in our newest version and we are providing it! If your need to keep track of everything in a log then you will get that with your IAC software purchase as well.

If your a parent looking for great privacy features then read on!

If your looking to protect the ones you love than our iProtect software is exactly what you need. With our widespread internet monitoring and content filtering, you have complete control! We can filter out websites such as Facebook or Pinterest if your kids are spending way to much time on these social media platforms. Extremist websites or triple X websites will be a breeze to block with our one push category blocking feature. Have one of those young internet hackers that is able to get into anything on the web? Well you will have access to blocking pornographic videos or unlicensed software.

Notifying you is simple. Set it and forget it. You can receive incoming emails with updates and logs at your fingertips! When ever a banned website is trying to be accessed you will get an email notification letting you know the time and website and which user! iProtect will even send you a screen shot of the child’s screen when they try to access the website. Easy as pie!

Looking for a free trial of our software? Well you come to the right place! Click here to access and download a free 15 day trial.

Getting started guideGetting started

Local dance studio protects the privacy of its students

As a business owner I understand the importance of protecting the people that rely on me and my decisions the most. That is why a local dance studio, In Motion Training Center has taken their wifi sharing to a new level of protection. They opted to use our iProtect software after they had multiple requests to use the wifi during business hours. Both students and parents were requesting access, and iProtect was the perfect solution. They gained the ability to do quite a bit of monitoring. They were able to throttle back usage and stop people from using the network to download torrents from peer-to-peer websites. The second most used feature was the content filtering option. They were able to block bad websites on the fly just by selecting a category. This made it super easy to stop the use of websites that should never be used in a dance environment, but it is always good to be over protective about people using the wifi. The last feature that In Motion Training Center used from iProtect was the ability to give out lease access. So for instance if a new customer wanted access to the network but for only the day then they could give them access that would expire within a certain amount of time. This seems to be one the the more popular features for a lot of people that run businesses such as coffee shops and cafes. If you would like more information about this great dance studio you can visit their website at www.inmotiontrainingcenter.com.

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